Tube furnaces

Tube furnaces of the ThermoLine-TUBE series comprise heating furnaces with working tube of any orientation at process temperatures up to 1800 °C. The tube furnace can be individually adapted to the process requirements. Due to the optional flap mechanism, it is possible to quickly change the working tubes of different materials. Protective gas flushing and/or rapid cooling equipment and the design as a rotary tube furnace for continuous processes represent further options.


Spectrum plant data

Plant data:

  • Working tube & volume according to process requirement
  • Working tube arranged vertically or horizontally
  • Temperatures up to 1800 °C
  • Operation under vacuum, protective or forming gas
  • Folding mechanism for exchange of working tubes
  • Working tube static or as rotary tube


  • Made of stainless steel or mild steel with coloring
  • Wall structure:
  •   → Working tube
  •     → Heating elements
  •       → Radiation shields/ thermal insulation
  •         → Stainless steel sheeting
  • Control cabinet separate or integrated in the rack

Measurement, control & regulation technology:

  • Siemens PLC, industrial PC or industrial controller
  • Control of power according to process temperatures
  • Temperature measurement by thermocouples and pyrometer
  • Single or multi-zone control of the heating elements
  • Running of the process in program segments (ramps, holding times, change of atmosphere etc.)
  • Documentation of process data for quality assurance

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