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High temperature furnaces: thermal processes up to 3000 °C

IBT GmbH, Vacuum furnace and protective gas furnace

As one of the leading manufacturers of high-temperature furnaces, IBT not only supplies its proven series, but also develops and manufactures special plants (such as tube furnaces, rotary kilns, protective gas furnaces, vacuum furnaces, retort furnaces). They are precisely tailored to your individual requirements for the processing of all materials, including sintering and debinding such as heating or drying and other processing of materials.

Thermal processes often dominate the energy consumption within a process chain and sometimes represent the most demanding substeps. For this reason, the use of economical and reliable industrial furnaces is essential for the entire value chain.

IBT's technical engineers rely on years of experience as well as extensive know-how in the thermal processing of various materials. As manufacturer of industrial plant and machinery, we are a full-service provider. From the thermal process layout, design as well as electrical planning, over the manufacturing and commissioning of the plant up to the after-sales service, we support you as a reliable partner through the complete project.

Industrial furnace adapted to your process: Debinding and sintering of your components

Whether debinding and sintering of ceramics and metals or thermal conversion processes such as pyrolysis or hydrogen production - our industrial furnaces and laboratory plants are modularly adaptable to your requirements. Depending on the respective thermal process and product, we design and manufacture your high-temperature furnace (e. g. vacuum furnace, inert gas furnace, tube furnace, rotary kiln, etc.) according to individual specifications. We will gladly adapt our proven furnace series to your process:

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