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Vacuum and protective gas furnace

The ThermoLine-VAC series includes heating furnaces with gas-tight, double-walled, water-cooled vessels. These high-temperature furnaces are characterized by a high degree of versatility. Vacuum furnaces and process gas furnaces are among the most technically demanding industrial furnaces. Under the highest temperatures and vacuum or process gas atmospheres, debinding and sintering of ceramics as well as debinding and sintering of metals leads to very high-quality results.

Custom-made cold-wall furnace

Depending on customer requirements, the cold-wall furnace is designed for high vacuum (1*10-6 mbar) as well as for all common protective and reaction gas atmospheres (in particular argon (Ar), nitrogen (N2), hydrogen (H2) and mixtures thereof), reaching temperatures up to 3000 °C. Depending on the temperature range and atmosphere, we use various heating elements made of graphite, molybdenum disilicide, tungsten or other metallic materials. Optionally, we manufacture our vacuum furnaces and process gas furnaces with thermal afterburning as well as with gas quenching or liquid quenching.


Spectrum plant data

Plant data:

  • Temperatures up to 3000 °C
  • Useful volume according to requirement
  • Vacuum: up to 1*10-6 mbar
  • Rotary vane and turbomolecular pump
  • Operation under vacuum, protective or reaction gas
  • Technical afterburning
  • Design as laboratory furnace


  • Frame made of mild steel surface treated or stainless steel
  • Stainless steel vessel (double-walled, water-cooled), optional: pressure vessel
  • Heating elements according to process requirements
  • High temperature insulation or radiation shields
  • Control cabinet integrated on the rack
  • Vacuum pumping station integrated

Measurement, control & regulation technology:

  • Siemens PLC, industrial PC or industrial controller
  • Control of power according to process temperatures
  • Temperature measurement by thermocouples and pyrometer
  • Single or multi-zone control of the heating elements
  • Running of the process in program segments (ramps, holding times, change of atmosphere etc.)
  • Documentation of process data for quality assurance

Ingolf Jaeger

Head of Sales
Dipl.-Ing. Mechanical Engineering

Phone.: +49 (0) 3731 1683-15

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