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Infrared drying oven

The ThermoLine-DRY series includes infrared drying ovens with drawers for drying a wide variety of products. Thanks to the integrated control cabinet, the ready-to-connect mobile infrared station impresses with high flexibility and can be used at different production sites. Due to the exchangeable inserts/holders for the products and the separately controllable drawers, several products or processes can be run simultaneously.


Spectrum plant data

Plant data:

  • Temperatures up to 400 °C
  • Plant length and width according to process requirements
  • Heating by means of infrared radiators
  • Active product cooling according to customer requirements
  • Manual or automatic loading
  • Transport system according to customer requirements


  • Frame as welded construction or from profile system
  • Stainless steel sheeting with thermal insulation
  • Component loading according to customer requirements (e.g. oven door, drawers, etc.)
  • On request with handling system/pick-up for components
  • Stable, height-adjustable feet or castors for mobile use
  • With extraction of outgassing on request

Measurement, control & regulation technology:

  • Siemens PLC, industrial PC or controller module
  • Contactless measurement of the product temperature
  • Control according to product temperature or setting of a constant heating output
  • Division into individual heating zones
  • Safety-related forced shutdown with optical-acoustic warning signal when a limit temperature is exceeded
  • Automation of the heating process in recipes

Ingolf Jaeger

Head of Sales
Dipl.-Ing. Mechanical Engineering

Phone.: +49 (0) 3731 1683-15

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