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Convection oven

Electrically heated convection ovens are used for heat treatment of a wide variety of products in the temperature range from 50 to 1000 °C. The convection current ensures a very high temperature homogeneity within the furnace chamber, so that even products with different geometries and complex three-dimensional structures can be heated uniformly.

Custom-made convection oven

Our convection ovens are available as industrial furnaces as well as laboratory plants, so that they can be used for a wide variety of processes, such as the tempering and drying of components as well as baking or curing of components. Our convection ovens can optionally be heated by combination of radiant heat and convection. The convection ovens can be designed for operation in batch or continuous processes.


Spectrum plant data

Plant data:

  • Temperatures up to 1,000 °C
  • Usable volume according to requirements
  • Electric heating elements and air circulation system
  • Active product cooling according to customer requirements
  • Manual or automatic loading
  • Batch or continuous processes


  • Stainless steel or black steel with coloring
  • Stainless steel or steel sheeting with coloring
  • Fiber insulation
  • Door interlock
  • Control cabinet separate or integrated on/in the rack
  • Rack on height-adjustable feet or mobile on castors

Measurement, control & regulation technology:

  • Siemens PLC, industrial PC or controller module
  • Control of power according to process temperatures
  • Temperature measurement by thermocouples and pyrometer
  • Single or multi-zone control of the heating elements
  • Driving of the process in ramps
  • Documentation of process data for quality assurance

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