Air circulation furnace for your heat treatment

IBT's electrically heated convection ovens are used for the heat treatment of a wide range of products up to 800 °C. The convection current ensures very high temperature homogeneity within the oven chamber. The convection current ensures a very high temperature homogeneity within the oven chamber. An option for our convection ovens is the heating combination of radiant heat and convection. The convection ovens from IBT Thermoprocesstechnik can be designed for operation in batch or continuous processes.

Areas of application

  • Stoving, sintering and drying of coatings
  • Debinding and sintering of ceramics
  • Annealing of plastics and composites

Technical properties

Exemplary plant data (picture)

  • Inner dimensions of the oven chamber: (L x W x H) approx. 2400 x 500 x 100 mm³.
  • Outer dimensions of the oven chamber (L x W x H) approx. 2900 x1200 x 500 mm³
  • Connected load: 20 kW
  • Maximum temperature: up to 600 °C
  • Operation as a continuous process

Measurement, control & regulation technology

  • Control cabinet built into the frame below the oven chamber
  • Connected load: 20 kW
  • Connection via plug 32 A CEE
  • Measurement of the circulating air temperature by means of thermocouples
  • 6 thermocouples:
    • 4 control thermocouples
    • 2 thermocouples for safety shutdown in case of overtemperature
  • 4 controllers
  • Regulation of the heating power (4 groups) according to set temperatures

Heating system

  • Convective heating of coated foils via heating registers
  • Connected load of the heating registers: 18 kW
  • Convection flow via circulating air fans (each above and below the film)
  • Regulation of the heating power according to the set temperature

Structure/ Layout

  • Stainless steel frame screwed to the floor
  • Furnace walls made of thermal insulation panels
  • With or without transport device for the material
  • Average height of the produt inlet from the floor: adjustable or adjustable
  • Height of the inlet and outlet gap: height-adjustable slotted device (10-100 mm)
  • One side wall can be removed for manual insertion of the foil
  • Flange for connecting the exhaust air system

Ingolf Jaeger

Head of Sales
Dipl.-Eng. for mechanical engineering

Phone: +49 (0) 3731 1683-15

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