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Infrared systems for annealing FRP (fibre-reinforced plastics)

The trend towards lightweight materials in all common industries holds huge potential for infrared applications. The production of thermoset materials takes place under specific heat supply in order to activate or accelerate curing processes.

Previous small series of FRP components are being replaced by medium series. While their use was previously concentrated on a few areas of application (e.g. the aircraft industry, racing, luxury class automobiles), improved and more cost-effective production methods have led to industry-wide application. This trend will expand in the coming years and, from today's perspective, will continue indefinitely. Intelligent infrared systems from IBT will accompany this development.

Typical plastic composites for heat treatment with infrared

Fibre-reinforced plastics consist of a plastic matrix and the fibre reinforcement (e.g. carbon fabric). Glass fibre reinforced plastics (GRP) and carbon fibre reinforced plastics (CFRP) are the most commonly used. For example, in the manufacture of carbon moulded parts, the semi-finished carbon parts are impregnated with thermoset plastics using various manufacturing processes (e.g. RTM) with the liquid plastic under pressure and cured. This curing of the thermoset matrix can be accelerated by adding heat. For the post-processing of thermoset fibre composite components, renewed curing under heat supply is often necessary. Defects are reworked mechanically and the surface is coated with the matrix plastic. Subsequently, curing is carried out with infrared. IBT has developed an intelligent infrared system for this purpose in order to carry out the reworking flexibly.

Annealing furnace for industrial processes

Highly efficient infrared systems for the annealing of fibre composites guarantee a fast heating rate, process-reliable temperature control and, if necessary, contour adaptation to the respective components. IBT GmbH takes on both selective and large-area heating tasks, which can be automated to suit cycle times.

Our process and product know-how is ideally suited to the efficient and gentle thermal processing of your CFRP, GRP and composite materials. IBT is a complete service provider, from system planning to installation and after-sales service.

Fibre composites annealing: Infrared systems for guaranteed process reliability

  • A heat treatment system tailored to your product
  • Fast, direct, homogeneous and contact-free energy input
  • Integrated, variable zone control and connected load
  • Reduced system size and shortened process times
  • Shortest process times
  • Heat only where it is needed

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