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Tabletop devices and complex control systems for your fully automated production process

Automation (MCR)

At IBT GmbH you receive intelligent control technology for your thermal process. Infrared radiators transmit high power densities, which always require regulation of the radiator output. For performance or controlling according to the product temperature, small tabletop devices that support your less complex processes are suitable. For production processes, IBT offers control systems with networking to the superior process control system. This way, your production processes are controlled safely and efficiently. Non-contact temperature measurement, recipe management, process visualization, data archiving and user account control are typical options used in the MSR systems of IBT.

  • Temperature measurement, power setting and control
  • Recipe management and user account control
  • Process visualization and recording of the process data
  • Selection of the power controller based on the used spotlights (phase control, clocking, etc.)
  • Sensors for measuring various product properties:
    • residual moisture
    • temper
    • temperature
    • temperature homogeneity
  • and much more

Control systems - because safety is not only significant during the process

With infrared radiators, power densities of up to 200 kW/m² can be transmitted. In high-temperature furnaces even higher heat flux densities are possible. It is therefore important to ensure the safety of employees and the environment with the aid of an MSR control system. This ensures an intelligent and monitored MSR system, which also guarantees a controlled process flow.

Above all, if temperatures of over 2000 °C and 350 kW connection power are achieved, safety must be the top priority. For this purpose, standards show suitable security concepts. Our risk assessment in accordance with the Machinery Directive describes hazards that are suitably minimized. We confirm this with our EC declaration of conformity or with a declaration of incorporation. You would like to inform yourself in detail about control systems or have questions about the safety of your thermal process? Please contact us!

Ingolf Jaeger

Head of Sales
Dipl.-Ing. Mechanical Engineering

Phone.: +49 (0) 3731 1683-15

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