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Infrared ovens: efficient design of thermal processes

Almost every industrial manufacturing process requires heat in at least one process step. These heating processes dominate the energy consumption of the plants, and sometimes represent the most demanding sub-steps. For this reason, the use of economical and process-reliable industrial furnaces is essential for the entire value-added chain.

As one of the leading manufacturers of infrared ovens, IBT not only provides you with its proven series, but also develops and manufactures special systems that are precisely tailored to your individual requirements. The engineers of the company IBT rely on years of experience and extensive know-how in the thermal processing of various materials. As an industrial furnace manufacturer, we act as a full service provider. From the design of the thermal process, supported by tests, over the production and commissioning of the plant to the after-sales service, we look after you as a reliable partner throughout the entire project cycle.

Infrared furnace as a batch or continuous furnace: efficient special equipment for every thermal process

As an industrial furnace manufacturer, we are specialized in the development and manufacturing of high-performance industrial furnaces for countless applications. Due to the high energy consumption in thermal processes, the use of efficient heating is essential. Here, IBT uses all available infrared heaters on the market and also offers convection ovens and vacuum furnaces. An infrared oven is suitable for rapid heating due to the high power density/heat transfer. Superordinate industrial furnaces differ in batch and continuous furnaces. Depending on the requirements of the process and process sequence, the oven type is selected.

Infrared oven adapted to your process: whether thermoforming of organic sheets or drying of lacquers, oven series by IBT prove themselves

Heating processes are among the most important and demanding stages in production. Their optimization with infrared contributes significantly to improving product quality and reducing energy costs. Whether for the thermal processing of plastics or composites, for paint drying or for baking: IBT uses proven oven series. These standardized industrial furnaces are modularly adaptable to your requirements. Depending on the respective thermal process, we design and manufacture your infrared oven according to individual dimensions. Below is an overview of our series. For further information please use our selection tool.

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