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Debinding of technical ceramics

Organic additives are necessary for forming (injection moulding, hot isostatic pressing, additive manufacturing) the so-called green compact or green body. These additives are removed from the green compact thermally or catalytically during debinding. The result is the brown compact.

Process management decisive

The debinding process for ceramic materials usually takes place in oxygen-containing atmospheres and leads to a complete removal of the organic components. Correct process control is crucial to avoid cracks, pores and deformations. Defined process gases prevent undesired or favour desired chemical reactions during the debinding process. If debinding is carried out under an oxygen-free gas atmosphere, post-treatment of the furnace exhaust gas is necessary.

Debinding furnace from IBT for your process

The debinding furnaces from IBT.Thermprocess cover these debinding processes with a high degree of flexibility. We would be happy to check whether you can also carry out the sintering process with our debinding furnaces.


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