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Drying food with Infrared

To preserve fruits, fruits/fruit slices (apple rings, orange rings, grapes, etc.) can be dried. After washing food, it must be freed from water residues. Infrared systems accelerate drying processes because the infrared radiation directly heats and evaporates the water without damaging the product. Due to the higher power density compared to convective drying systems, infrared systems require less installation space.

Process management decisive

In production processes, there is often too little installation space available to install or retrofit complex and large convection ovens. Space-saving infrared systems are an attractive alternative here. Pyrometers enable non-contact temperature measurement of the products and ensure a safe process by means of temperature monitoring or temperature control. The heating time of the infrared technology requires a maximum of 5 minutes, which makes switching on and off for product changes simple and fast.

Infrared ovens and infrared technology for your food drying

Most infrared systems consist of infrared emitters made of quartz glass or ceramic. IBT uses stainless steel infrared emitters in life processes to ensure that no quartz glass or ceramic can get onto the products. In addition, we manufacture the frame of the infrared systems in stainless steel, without the use of detachable connections (screws, etc.) above the products. An IP65 version is another option to ensure easy and safe cleaning of the IR technology.



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