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Start of work for our vacuum and inert gas furnace in a research facility.

The high-temperature protective gas furnace for sintering additively manufactured, metallic components enables temperatures of up to 1200 °C with a working volume of 100 l.

The vacuum and inert gas furnace with water-cooled vessel enables processes in vacuum (1*10-2 mbar), with inert gas atmosphere as well as in air up to 1200 °C. Thermal insulation made of vacuum-formed fiber insulation reduces heat losses. The control cabinet is equipped with an industrial PC so that processes run fully automatically in desired ramps and segments. The lifting floor controlled by the frequency converter enables easy charging and safe transport of the products into and out of the oven.

Areas of application

  • Sintering and debinding
  • Ardening and melting
  • Vacuum and inert gas brazing
  • Heat treatment
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