The ContiLine-TUBE series comprises heating furnaces with a horizontal rotating tube and process temperatures of up to
1300 °C. The series is renowned for its high level of versatility. It is possible to use rotating tubes of various materials. It is also possible to equip the unit with protective gas rinsing and/or a rapid cooling unit.

Fields of application

  • Tempering of glass, ceramic and composite materials
  • Heating and sintering of powders and granulates
  • Drying, debinding and calcination

Technical properties

Exemplary system data (image)

  • Heated length: 500 mm
  • Rotating tube diameter (inside): 100 mm
  • Rotating speed: 2 - 10 min-1
  • Rated power: approx. 35 kW
  • Connection via plug 63 A CEE
  • Maximum temperature: 1300 °C

Measuring, control and regulation technology

  • Contactless measurement of temperature
  • Control by temperature or setting of a constant heating output
  • Division into individual heat zones


  • Stainless steel frame (glass-bead blasted)
  • Wall mounting:
       → Working tube
            → Heating element
                → Heat insulation
                     → Stainless steel sheets
  • Stable, height adjustable feet or castors for mobile use

Optional properties and equipment variants

  • Heater monitoring for quality assurance
  • Accelerated cooling
  • Atmospheres:
    • Vacuum
    • Oxidising atmospheres
    • Protective gas
  • Adaptation of heating output
  • Working chamber measurement
  • Invasive or contactless temperature measurement
  • Adjustment of rotating tube speed
  • Adjustment of rotating tube angle

Ingolf Jaeger

Sales Manager
Dipl.-Eng. for mechanical engineering

Phone: +49 (0) 3731 1683-15

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