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Successfull process development in product heating

New infrared plant, ir-heater, infrared heater emitter, infrared heating technology increases productivity of the infrared plant to 25%

STIR® emitters improve the quality and increase productivity.

Composites based on plastics and paper still play an important role in the electronics industry. For certain machining these laminates have to be exactly heated throughout. A German company, market leader in this sector, uses STIR® emitters in a completely new system since May 2010.

Before the product surface often got damaged because of the heating with short-waved luminous heaters and the required plasticity in the depht of the material was not accomplished.

The new system is the result of a testing and development cooperation between the IBT.InfraBioTech GmbH and the client. With a productivity increase of 25 % the electronic connected load could be reduced to 50 % compared to the old system.

contact: Ulrich Putzschke, project engineer

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