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STIR®-throughput plant for the heating textile straps has proved itself

An initial throughput plant for a manufacturer of technical textiles has been put into operation successfully in the beginning of 2015. By halving the energy consumption a doubling of the production volume has been achieved in comparison to the previous system concept using contact heat transfer. This prompted the plant operator to order three more plants of this type in the end of 2015. So in the beginning of this year, the three other plants have been delivered for the production site.

The plants consist of 3 separately controllable heating zones, each equipped with 7 STIR®-heaters SIP. Rear installed reflectors provide an increase in energy efficiency by reducing energy losses.

To adjust the respective process parameters (bandwidth, throughput speed) the infrared heaters with aluminium profiles are positioned variable. The controlling unit enables the user to set the desired material temperature as well as a controlling according to the actual temperature of the material. The measurement of the material temperature occurs contactless via an application adjusted pyrometer. When reaching the permitted temperature limit a safety switch is performed.

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