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Mobile independent infrared system for baking industry

For an established producer of biscuit and cake products the company IBT developed a mobile independent infrared system. Due to this system a significant reduction in baking time of the pastries and therewith an increase in throughput could be achieved.

The mechanical construction consists of a stainless steel frame inclusive a protective cover as touch protection. At this IBT consistently renounced the use of detachable components (screws, nuts, etc.) in the area above the heat treated material (or bakery products). The entire plant is height-adjustable up to 400 mm by means of the adjustable feet.

The system is operating with a maximum heat output of 12 kW, divided into two groups. The controlling of the groups takes place according to the product temperature, measured contactless via pyrometer. The process status is visualised by a traffic light (green: ‘operation’, yellow: ‘ready for operation’, red: ‘disturbance/emitter breakdown/excessive temperature’). By using the STIR®-coated tubular heating elements a high increase in emissivity can be reached. The pastries are baked significantly faster and more gentle. Backside mounted reflectors in the housing additionally ensure a reduction in heating losses.

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