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Laboratory plant/throughput plant for the heating/flash off/drying of technical primer/base coat, top coat and clear varnish

For a faculty of studies the company IBT developed a laboratory plant designed as a throughput plant for different processes of coating drying. On this plant different processes take place, such as heating, flash off and drying of technical primer, top coat and clear varnish. The throughput plant consists of three heating zones. Therefore the company IBT utilizes its diversified product portfolio, as the several zones are equipped with infrared heaters of different wavelengths.

Zone 1 includes a middle-waved infrared module based on the proven STIR®-line. The emission maximum lies at approx. 3.0 µm wavelength. The next zone is equipped with a short-waved infrared module using heaters of the KIR-line, which has its emission maximum at approx. 1.5 µm wavelength. In the last zone an infrared module of the MIR-line is used. This one has its emission maximum at approx. 5.0 µm wavelength. The combination of these three heater-types allows the specific analysis of the drying characteristics of different coating systems and their layer thicknesses among the thermal impact of defined wavelengths range. Rear mounted reflectors provide an increase in energy efficiency by reducing energy losses.

The conveyor belt of the throughput plant withstands a continuous service temperature of 260°C. Different fan units ensure the generation of a convection ratio and therewith the outlet belt of solvents as well as water. By the control unit it is not only possible to control the belt speed but also to adjust the fans power. Furthermore the adjustment of the material temperature is possible, as well as the controlling according to the actual temperature of the material. The setting of the required percentage heating power can be made additionally. The measurement of the surface temperatures of the material takes place contactless by means of specially adjusted pyrometer.

Due to the high provided plant flexibility, extensive parametric studies are feasible to define the ideal process conditions for the required coating system in combination with the substrate.

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