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Infrared batch oven for the warming of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic sheets

For the focused warming of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic sheets for a subsequently mould-/thermoforming process, the company IBT realized an infrared batch oven on customer requirements. The plant has two heating places for the reciprocate feeding and removal of the organic sheets by means of robot handling. This ensures the end customer in the aerospace sector an increase in product throughput at simultaneous capacity of the thermoform-pressing plant.

The two-sided warming of the organic sheets by infrared STIR® to 350°C occurs within 150 seconds. Due to the heater arrangement in accordance with the application the utmost homogeneous temperature distribution over the sheet dimensions is ensured. For the expedient energy-saving use of the plant it is possible to switch on/off each heating module according to the board dimensions.

The basic structure of the plant consists of a stainless steel frame and housing with integrated thermal insulation of fiber insulating material. The related PLC-based control communicates with the superior plant control. The bottom and top heating modules of both heating places are separately controllable according to a required temperature. The measurement of the material temperature occurs contactless via an application adjusted pyrometer.

Due to the reduction in heating losses and thus increase in energy efficiency, a significant reduction of operating costs compared to a conventional heating could be achieved.

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