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IBT at the Paint Expo - Hall 2, Stand 2637

IBT.InfraBioTech GmbH presents new infrared emitter plant technology using ceramic-coated emitter surfaces with internal fixed heating elements. These SIP emitters offer the advantage that they can be mounted vertically, which covers every product-specific variant of emitter configuration. To make use of these advantages in large-scale applications, IBT.InfraBioTech has developed in conjunction with Zacher COMPONENT GmbH an innovative modular system where product-specific variable spacing of the emitters is required.

The advantages of this innovative infrared radiation are a reduction in processing times, energy savings and an improvement in the quality of the coating through material-specific wave length optimisation. To make use of these advantages in large-scale applications, UBW Universal-Beschichtung GmbH Wolfen has developed in conjunction with IBT.InfraBioTech an innovative modular system using STIR technology in series production that meets the latest ecological and economic considerations. The first plant went into operation at Bitterfeld, ChemiePark Areal D, Gießereiweg 1, and it has exceeded all expectations. Using infrared, all functional coatings applied to a range of metre goods are dried and cured in an appreciably shorter time.

IBT.InfraBioTech GmbH, Am St. Niclas Schacht 13, 09599 Freiberg, Germany, telephone +49 (0)3731 1683-0,,

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