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Heating of a two-sided graphite-coated copper foil

The device for sheet heating is part of a complete system and consists of two electrically heated module frames, which are pivoted over a coupling mechanism.

In working position the two module frames have a distance of about 100 mm. In this position, the modules will be heated, whereby the individual SIP-emitters can be zonally controlled.

Between the two module frames the coated metal foil runs with a width of about 500 mm. Through the heat input physicochemical effects are achieved at the substrate.

When the plant stops, the two module frames are unlocked electrically and swing automatically in rest position. With this mechanism an overheating of the metal foil is prevented. At the same time a shutdown of the SIP heaters or performance reduction occurs. The pivoting of the modules in the rest position occurs automatically by spring force.

The module frames are electrically heated each by 9 pieces of SIP heaters à 1.1 kW. A SIP heater consists of a coated ceramic emitter which is heated by an electric resistance heating element. The heat radiation is directed by the reflectors on the material to be irradiated (metal foil) on both sides.

The plant guarantees at feed speeds up to 30m/min surface temperatures on the metal foil or their coating of up to 120 °C. Adjustments with regard to target temperature of the substrate at different feed speeds are carried out by specification of performance values ​​in the control unit.

A venting of the heating process via the upper exhaust hood is possible. At the upper pipe socket (diameter of 100 mms) the connection of a mechanical exhaust system is possible.

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