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Continuous STIR® plant for the heating of animal feed

For a company in the sector of animal feed production IBT realized a continuous plant for the heating of animal feed. The purpose of this plant is the focused deaden of vermin by using infrared renouncing pesticides as well as the reduction of water content. The self-contained continuous plant is integrated into an overall facility as a partial production step.

The infrared oven is equipped with 9 foodstuff compliant heating modules. Each contains 6 pieces of heating elements in W-form that respond particularly efficient to organic material due to our patented STIR®-coating. The total maximum heating capacity amounts 120 kW. The back-sided installation of reflectors causes a reduction in energy losses and therewith ensures high energy efficiency.

Despite the high throughput of 1500 kg/h a space-saving plant resulted due to the arrangement of four conveying belts one above the other. Three conveyor belts serve the heating and one serves the subsequently cooling by forced convection with ambient air.

The continuous infrared plant owns an independent controlling unit, which controls the power of the infrared heater in each level according to a target temperature. The measurement of the feed temperature (target temperature) takes place contact free by in accordance with the application adjusted pyrometer. When achieving a defined limit temperature a safety shutdown of the plant occurs.

The laboratory test of the treated material shows, that the mites and other vermins has been successfully mortified with infrared STIR® at a temperature of 60°C +. The process reliability and gentle heat treatment process ensures an additional higher preservation of vitamins and nutritional value.

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