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Clocked continuous flow system for the heat treatment of TPU components for exterior pieces (Automotive)

For a leading plastic manufacturer, the company IBT has been developed a clocked continuous plant for heat treatment of TPU components for exterior pieces (Automotive). A combination of light (KIR-line) and dark heaters (STIR ®-line) is used here. This hybrid heating ensures a fast heating and a guaranteed reaching of the set temperature in only one cycle due to the different wavelengths and the associated different penetration depths. An enormous increase in energy efficiency is achieved by reflectors and heaters components tuned to the process.

The measurement of the surface temperature of the components occurs contactless by means of specially adjusted pyrometer. In the infrared tunnel the warming of two components can take place at the same time. During leaving the IR tunnel a line measurement of the component surface temperature for quality assurance occurs as well as for archiving of process parameters.

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